Welcome to the home page of Instrument-4-Christ!

Being a sinner saved by grace, a servant by calling, a musician and writer by blessing, and a web designer by choice, I decided to assemble my own personal website. Combining the various facets of my life from the previous sentence into a unique structure of dynamic code and creative touch, I have assembled this website for the purpose of glorifying God. Using the abilities and thought processes of which He has made me a steward, I hope to use this website to further His gospel, defend His truth, and delight in His goodness and love. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find this website to be an encouragement, a blessing, and a challenge to proclaim God's grace, prove the scriptures, and perform the work of God with the abilities He has given you for His glory.

Do you have any thoughts or questions concerning me or my website? Feel free to contact me with an email!